On Tuesday March 21st and Wednesday March 22nd JUMP 2 MATH will visit Blessed      Trinity. Our students will be jumping through 16 various stations learning about math from a kinesthetic perspective. As part of our school’s math initiative, we have invited the Jump 2 Math program to the engage students in math in a fun and physical way. Staff and students  will enjoy exploring many math activities. Research has shown that physical activity improves students’ ability to learn and the Jump 2 Math program shows us just how true that is. The life-size games and activities give students the opportunity to literally see the math, get physical with it, and play with it. They discover the patterns and find solutions on their own, and collaboratively in teams. Some of the games the students will be participating in are;  Pace Spider, Round the Clock and Recycle Round Up.  Click on the link to the website. https://jump2math.ca/