GUSH Program visits Blessed Trinity

Over the course of three days (Tuesday, January 23rd to Thursday, January 25th) Blessed Trinity welcomes representatives of the GUSH Program into the Grade 7 and 8 classrooms. The GUSH Program is designed by Ontario certified teachers using a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach to learning. The GUSH Program provides students with an in-class, hands-on STEAM challenge, which requires students use their inquiry, collaboration and problem solving skills to complete the assigned challenge. Our Grade 7 classes will participate in the GUSH Program called “Pollution Solutions”. This program addresses water pollutants and the difficulty removing them. While working in teams, students will be tasked with the challenge of separating mixtures and solutions, while investigating the social, environmental and economical issues that come with resource extraction. Our Grade 8 classes will participate in the GUSH Program called “Working Watersheds”, which will focus on the need to balance our priorities when it comes to the debate of economy vs. environment. Using unique and interactive watershed models, students will work in teams to preserve or alter water flow systems that are vital to communities and commerce, creating a Northern Ontario that is able to meet the needs and challenges of all stakeholders.