Welcome to Kindergarten

On Tuesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 24, BT’ Kindergarten Teachers: Ms. Baldin, Ms. Bevacqua, Ms. Kisel and Ms. Varano, along with our ECE’s Ms. DiPrima, Ms. Puopolo, Ms. Silva will host Welcome to Kindergarten and First Impressions for the upcoming 2018-2019 Kindergarten students and their families. Invitations will be sent out via mail. The Welcome to Kindergarten and First Impressions will be held in one of our Kindergarten classrooms so that our up and coming students, experience along with their Parents/Guardians, Kindergarten. During their visit, while the Parents/Guardians receive pertinent and important tips on school readiness, our future students will be working at centres, with a focus on numeracy, literacy, exploration and design. At the end of their visit, each student will receive a “Welcome to Kindergarten Bag” filled with learning resources.