Library Corner

Our Primary classes, from JK to Grade 3, will participate in this year’s Global Read Aloud, a global literacy initiative that begins on Monday, October 1st and will run through to mid-November. Students all around the world are participating in this initiative. In this initiative, a new book will be shared each week and global connections will be made. This year’s project will have students exploring works from Indigenous authors and illustrators. Classes in the Junior Division (Ms. Pellegrino-Raso, Ms. Giambrone and Ms. Viti) and Intermediate Division (Ms. Malta and Ms. Meffe) will also participate in the Global Read Aloud Initiative.

The University of Waterloo returns to BT Thursday, October 25th. A Math Professor from the University of Waterloo will work with each Grade 7 class, in the Library, on solving a variety of problems in Mathematics. Students will work individually, and in groups, as they are challenged to think outside of the box as they solve problems and equations.

This year, all students in the Junior Division, Grades 4-6, will participate in The Director’s Cut, a Media Literacy and Arts Program. Students will create digital narratives using the latest equipment, materials and support from professionals. The themes booked for this year are “Toy Stop Motion” and “Making a Commercial”. All they will need to bring is their creativity and imagination!