Black History Month at BT

February is Black History Month. Black History month provides the opportunity to learn, to understand and to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Famous Black People, past and present. In celebration of Black History Month, BT welcomes guest speaker Aubrey Clarke to our school, on the morning of Tuesday, February 5. Clarke will present to our FDK students, Grade 1 English students, Grade 1 French Immersion students and Grade 2 students, English and French Immersion students, in our library. Clarke is a talented author and musician, writing several children’s books including Charlene the Mean Queen and It’s Not Over Until It’s Over and the lyrics to the song “Fly Fly Way Up High”, which is featured in his book, Fly Little Blackbird Fly. As an entrepreneur, Clarke started his own media sales and marketing company and is currently under contract with one of Canada’s largest independent radio networks as the Director of Business Development. He was instrumental in helping to secure a broadcast license for Canada’s first all Blues radio station. Clarke’s presentation aims to instill belief, confidence and compassion, motivating and inspiring students to turn their dreams into a reality. Clarke will cover topics including: bullying, self-confidence, perseverance, hope, courage and compassion. Students will be taught the inspirational song “Fly Fly Way Up High”. For more information, visit:

Film and Media Club: Through various news stories, the media and film club will showcase Black Canadians who have made major contributions to Canada’s culture and legacy. These stories will be broadcast over the month of February, using Google Slides. Thank-you to Mr. Cannone and Ms. Racco for Leading the Film and Media Club.

Library: February is a wonderful time to celebrate acceptance, belonging and community. Our library will have displays that highlight Black History. Students and staff will explore and discuss compelling stories such as the 2019 Silver Birch Nominated “Meet Viola Desmond,” written by Elizabeth MacLeod and illustrated by Mike Deas. They will also learn about the courage and bravery of individuals, such as Ruby Bridges and Henry Brown. There will be opportunities for discussion, questions and reflections, as students consider the strength and determination of many Black Canadians/Americans and the impact they have had and continue to have, each and every day.

All our classes, Kindergarten to Grade 8, celebrate Black History Month.

Some Class Highlights: FDK classes will learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and his special Dream for love, equality and happiness for all. The Kindergartens will make colourful handprints representing all races in the world and will create a bulletin board in the Kindergarten hallway to illustrate their own Hopes and Dreams for the future. Ms. Perna, Ms. Tullio and Ms. Varano’s Grade 3 students are studying Famous Black People and writing their Biography. Our students will create infographics on historical black figures in Canadian and American History. Ms. Musso’s FI Grade 4 and 5 English classes are studying the context of the “I Have a Dream” speech; will discuss the story of Viola Desmond; will learn about inventions made by Black people in Canadian and American history. Mr. Mastromartino’s FI Grade 7 and 8 English classes will create a magazine cover, centered of prominent figures, that have contributed and contribute to the African-American culture.