Library Corner

Author Visit – Aubrey Clarke, author of multiple books including “Fly Little Blackbird Fly”, is returning, by popular demand! On Monday, March 18, Aubrey will visit with classes, by Grade, in our school library, speaking of his life story and journey as an artist and entrepreneur.

Create-A-Creator Program – Melissa Lyons, author of “I Will Always Love You” and “Until We Meet Again” will return on Thursday, March 21, to continue working with Grades 5 and 6 classes: Mr. D’Addario, Ms. Viti, Ms. Rocca and Mr. Ziorli. Students will continue to take the time to find and tap into their individual talents as they begin to create something that is as unique and as special as they are! Ms. Racco, the teacher librarian, will work with students, throughout the month, to provide additional support and guidance.

Forest of Reading – The Forest of Reading Program is well underway with many students reading for fun! Students from Kindergarten to Grade 2 have been expressing their love for literacy as they have been enjoying the Blue Spruce titles. Students in Grades 3 to 8, who have not yet joined the reading program, are encouraged to do so; it is never too late! There will be a variety of fun activities, including virtual author visits and optional book club meetings. If students read a minimum of 5 books, from their selected reading list, they will be invited to vote for their favourite book on Friday, April 26. A special thank-you to all staff and students who have volunteered to become Book Ambassadors!

Coding in the Library – Students in Ms. Viti’s Grade 5 class have been coding, with Ms. Racco, during their library time! They have learned the basics of “Scratch” coding and will be working on creating their very own animations. This month, students in Ms. Grossi and Ms. Panza DiGirolamo’s Grade 2 French Immersion classes are very excited to begin their coding classes with Ms. Racco.

Luke 4:18The “Odd Sox Project” was a great success! BT collected over 500 pairs of socks! Ms. Racco has arranged for the “Odd Sox Project” founders, Carly and Charlie, to visit BT! In April, Carly and Charlie, will spend the morning at BT, meeting with students by Division: Grades 1—3; Grades 4-6 and Grades 7&8, sharing their story and journey. This Talk will hopefully inspire students, as they consider how they are able to effect change and make a difference in the lives of others.

Milk Bag Weaving – The Luke 4:18 students and teachers: Ms. Angelucci, Ms. Racco and Mme. Simone have been working with Ms.Santarossa (retired BT teacher) on a new initiative. Students have been taught to weave mats out of milk bags. The milk bag mats offer people without beds, a durable and washable alternative to sleeping on the cold and damp ground. A frame was made and graciously donated, from a member of our school board milk bag committee, and was delivered last month. Ms. Santarossa was able to provide us with a large box of milk bags for this project. Students have already completed 2 full mats. Thank you Ms. Santarossa for helping BT and thank-you to our students for your time and commitment to this very important initiative.