Library Corner

Author Visit: Award-winning, Canadian author Philip Roy will visit with our Grades 1 – 3 students, English and French Immersion, on Friday, April 26. Philip will start each presentation with a discussion of his folk art and environmentalism, and continue with an explanation of the illustration process, alongside readings from his Youpi, la Souris dans ma Poche/Happy the Pocket Mouse series. If interested, students will have the opportunity to pre-order Mr. Roy’s books. An order form will be sent home, closer to the date.

Create-A-Creator Program: Melissa Lyons, author of “I Will Always Love You” and “Until We Meet Again”, will return on Thursday, April 18, to continue working with Grades 5 and 6 classes: Mr. D’Addario, Ms. Viti, Ms. Rocca and Mr. Ziorli. Students will continue to tap into their individual talents, as they work on their personal journals, and learn more about themselves and how truly special they are! Ms. Racco, continues to work with Melissa Lyons and classes.

Forest of Reading: The Forest of Reading Program will end at the end of this month! The library has been busy with students reading and exchanging their books. If students read a minimum of 5 books, from their selected reading list, they will be invited to vote for their favourite book on Friday, April 26. It is not too late to join. If interested, students are encouraged to visit the library for details.

Coding in the Library: In April, students in Ms. Grossi, Ms. Panza DiGirolamo and Ms. Viti’s classes will be coding, with Ms. Racco, during their library time! They will learn the basics of block coding and the importance of problem solving and critical thinking, as they plan and create their very own animations.

Odd Sox Project: On Monday, April 15, The Odd Sox Project Initiative founders, Carly and Charlie, are visiting BT! They will meet with students in Grades 1 to 8 and speak to students, sharing their story of how they founded and developed the Program and ways they have helped those in need, within our community. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and consider ways that they might make a difference in the lives of others.

Milk Bag Weaving: The Luke 4:18 students and teachers: Ms. Angelucci, Ms. Racco and Mme. Simone have been making mats, made out of milk bags, to be used as mattresses for those in need, who are homeless. Thank-you to Ms. Santarossa, a retired teacher from BT, for helping us with this special project.

Me To We: Luke 4:18 students and teachers are busy planning a special school-wide event, in an effort to raise money, for a global initiative in support of Me To We. Stay tuned for an exciting campaign coming in May!

Media Club:  The Media and Film Club has been busy filming, editing and producing various news segments on the many amazing initiatives at Blessed Trinity. Over the month of April, students will be bringing their news stories together to create our very first news broadcast which all classrooms be able to view. Thank-you to Mr. Cannone and Ms. Racco for facilitating this wonderful program!