Welcome to Kindergarten

On Thursday, May 23, BT’s Kindergarten Teachers: Ms. Bevacqua, Ms. Di Bacco-De Benedictis and Ms. Kisel, along with their Early Childhood Educators: Ms. Del Nibletto, Ms. Loffreda and Ms. Silva, will host The Welcome to Kindergarten and First Impressions Orientation for our upcoming 2019-2020 Kindergarten students and their parents/guardians. The Welcome to Kindergarten and First Impressions Orientation will be held in one of our Kindergarten classrooms so that our up and coming students experience what a school looks and feels like in a Kindergarten classroom. During the orientation, parents/guardians will listen to Ms. Bevacqua speak of Life in Kindergarten and will learn important tips on school readiness, as our future Kindergarten students work at numeracy, literacy, exploration and design centres. At the end of their orientation, each student will receive a book entitled, “Dani’s Kindergarten Tour”, written by Ms. Bevacqua. Parents/Guardians will have the opportunity to purchase Ms. Bevacqua’s book “Open the Door to Kindergarten” at a special price of $15.00.